Work It Baby...

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Always keen to take vintage aficionados (of whatever tender years) under our wings, we here at Rokit Camden present to you a snapshot of what it's really like to do work experience with us... Over to the lovely Morgan Harries to spill the beans

"After carefully folding my navy school skirt and yellow shirt (scrunching up and throwing on the floor really) I donned the required amount of eyeliner, grabbed my underage oyster and set off for the long journey to my first day of work experience in Camden's Rokit. Despite the hour's train journey each way on the always reliable Overground, Rokit was always going to be my first choice for work experience; especially since I wanted to avoid the chaos of Primark at any cost.

The first couple of days I was slightly anxious that the other shop workers would see through my 1950's facade; that I would accidentally slip on a Girls Aloud CD and would be exposed for the Grammar School Fraud that I felt I was. However, without sounding too cliched, the people here are so lovely and welcoming, and also sometimes a bit of a laugh when there aren't too many customers around. So I soon felt right at home amongst all the check shirts and denim jackets.

I've done a lot, worked a lot (my feet hurt so much), seen a lot in the way of outlandish Camden Gothic attire; weird piercings and all, but probably most importantly I've learned so much here. Actually maybe the most important thing to me was the fact that I got to miss 4 periods of chemistry, wear my favourite clothes and be surrounded by pretty things allll week long, but same difference.

So here are some snaps of the mannequins I helped dress in Rokit's newest trends (not an easy task kids, I'll tell you that. It seems that there is actually quite a lot of theory and thought behind window dressing). And so now that I have had my week's fill of admiring and secretly longing for all of the amazing stock Rokit has tucked away, I am off back to lowly Watford where there's not a sequin or silk scarf in sight. Sigh."

For all enquiries about work experience with us, email or write to the postal addresses on the store locator page on our website.