What's Up, Doc?

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Avid Rokit blog followers and those of you with elephant-like memories may remember a competition we ran with The Vintage Style Doctor back in May in which we asked you to diagnose a style illness in your nearest and dearest. Prize winner Philip and girlfriend Zoe whose cry for help with Philip's 'Manboy Syndrome' got your votes finally met the Doc last weekend for a swift injection of style and to spend their £100 Rokit voucher.

The Doc has sent us a photo diary of the big day which we have captioned in suitably acerbic and witty fashion to tickle your funny bone (or humerus, since we're talking all things medical. Knew that GCSE biology would come in handy one day...)

Hmm, so writing captions for these things is actually pretty damn hard. How the hell does anyone ever win a caption competition? Ok so kicking off with some gentle comedy: Rokit competitions - winners may be required to lunch with someone who looks like they're taking them out on day release.

The Doc enjoys a tipple, let's hope he's not performing a triple bypass later that afternoon

More celebratory sipping of champers, this time with the lovely Hanne from our Brick Lane store. And before you accuse us of being cheapskates, champagne tastes better from polystyrene cups. That Jilly Goolden character from BBCs Food & Drink told us so it must be true.

See we told you so, it gets you tipsy more quickly too as evidenced by a) The Doc's comedy pose and b) the fact that in our beautifully merchandised store the patient still managed to pull out a women's leather waistcoat as a potential purchase.

A very fetching ensemble, in the end Philip dropped the suit jacket but went for the shirt (£18)and jeans (£12).

Carry On doing a Kenneth Williams impression...

At last! The perfect Levi's denim jacket (£50) which was abandoned as it was too similar to one Philip already owned (proving his Manboy Syndrome was not full-blown).

Is that PC Boot from The Shoe People we spy alongside the charming oxblood brogues (£45) that Philip's trying on? Probably not. Childhood dream shattered.

The Doc nearly has a heart attack...

We think that's a happy customer, looking dapper in a 50s sorta way with a short sleeved shirt (£15) and Rokit Recycled tapered trousers (£30)

Hanne rings it up...

A clean bill of health and a full Rokit bag. What more could anyone want?

For more information about the Vintage Style Doctor's services visit his website, and keep checking our facebook page and twitter for details of future competitions!