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Photo: The Science of Style

A standard Sunday sees the Rokit warehouse in North London bereft of life, perhaps one or two hardworking souls rattling around its cavernous interior picking through vintage shirts for the coming week's deliveries before stopping briefly to snack on pizza (work hard, lunch hard - it's the Rokit way).

Not so this Sunday, which saw us play hostess with mostest to some of our favourite fashion bloggers. After a spell of frantic organising (the large-scale equivalent of hiding piles of clothes under the bed when your mum comes to visit), we flung open the doors of Rokit HQ for a blogger dress-up party, showcasing pieces from our SS11 trends - Americana, Sheer & Lace, Floral and Animal Print - as well as our Rokit Recycled and Designer's Guild collections.

Guests were treated to a moreish tea party with scones, cupcakes, chocolates and cold tea cocktails by the ladies at Vintage Patisserie, whilst food for the ears was provided by 40s style harmony group Three Little Maids (minus one maid and with a dapper bow-tie sporting chap on piano), new-wave inspired garage rockers Drag Your Heels, DJ set by the fabulous Munroe Bergdorf and Echoes (self-described as the bastard child of Duran Duran and David Bowie's jockstrap circa 1986 - make of that what you will!).

Buy a vintage game of drafts (regretably without Rokit chocolates) here!

Jasmine tea, prosecco and berries - laughs in the face of my current mug of Nescafe (other delicious coffee brands are available...)

Note to the big boss: please can we have Rokit cupcakes every day of the week, thanks!

Lucy (Snippets of Shiny Thoughts) tucks in.

Oh beehive! Alexxsia (My Labyrinth Blog) gets some vintage curls courtesy of Belinda Hay at The Painted Lady Salon

Tie front blouses, shorts and accessories from Rokit Recycled SS11 - photo: The Science of Style

The talon-ted (geddit?) Sophie and Catherine of The Illustrated Nail get to work on our guests' nails.

Munroe Bergdorf teams a Rokit dress with this stunning feathered shoulder piece designed by our head of ladieswear Paul McCracken

Drag Your Heels in Rokit denim jackets with frontwoman Lucy in a dreamy tie-front blouse

Three Little Maids in Rokit dress, belt and playsuit

Wild woman and Echoes synth player Jade in Rokit denim turn-up shorts and a touch of animal print

Echoes frontman Gavin goes for a Rokit sleeveless denim jacket (taking the muso look to its limits, check out that musical note design!) and loud patterned shirt, whilst bassist Jordan offers the swooning crowds tickets to the gun show in one of our cut-off plaid shirts...

Catch Echoes playing a rooftop gig at Rokit for the Camden Crawl, April 30th - more on that later!

Nik of karlismyunkle - we dread to think what's going on just out of shot...

Jackie (Platform Princess) and Clara (I'm Not Trendy)

In the words of Limp Bizkit, keep rollin' rollin' rollin' - get your hands on a pair of our vintage roller skates here!

Alize (Blog de Tendances) braves a spin on the roller boots

We beg to differ, Clara of I'm Not Trendy, that letterman jacket is hot stuff

Well Aloha! Sabina (The Science of Style) teams a hawaiian shirt with straw pith helmet to surprisingly good effect.

Alexxsia looking angelic with her new vintage 'do

Our head of social media decided to match the decor in a striped shirt, natch.

Reena of Fashion Daydreams and Sabrina of The Science of Style, photo: Swell Vintage

Access Fashion's Sabina: not to be let loose in your local petshop...

Playing keyboards is thirsty work but Vitamin Water saves the day! Leo, man among maids in Three Little Maids.

Classic vintage ties - available on our website!

Winged wonder Fiona of Save Our Shoes - photo: The Style PA.

Kit of Style Slicker looking suitably summery in shades and a floral blouse.

Abbie of All About Abbie and sister Jenny (The Style PA) enjoying jasmine tea cocktails with prosecco.

Lucy (Snippets of Shiny Thoughts), Frankie (Swell Vintage) and Reena (Fashion Daydreams)

Supping cocktails - all in a day's work for our heads of ladieswear, menswear and accessories!

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped out, especially our Rokit Designer's Guild contributors, Belinda (The Painted Lady), Sophie & Catherine (The Illustrated Nail), Angel and Brooke at Vintage Patisserie, Nik (karlismyunkle), Munroe Bergdorf, Vitamin Water, Three Little Maids, Drag Your Heels and Echoes.

All photos by Mario Benedetti unless otherwise credited. Check out our facebook page for more...