Rokit Covent Garden

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Introducing Rokit Covent Garden...

"We reckon that a first blog is quite like making love for the first time, it can be awkward, often the bits don't fit and more often than not its over within in seconds... so here's your first little taster from Rokit Covent garden."

"We shall be keeping you fellow Rokiterz up to date with our latest and quirkiest products so you can be the first peeps to know...but being the creative types that we are we shall also be bring you low downs on whats been going down within store, such as celeb spottings (trust me we have loads), we'll be keeping you up to date with what we are listening to along with our general chitchat and classic one liners delivered by some of the wittiest folk in WC2! That's not all, all this will be supported avec photos, so you'll be able to put faces to the epic read that is the Covent Garden Rokit blog.... and if your lucky we'll even let you into what happens when the store is closed.... Watch this space guys..."