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I could be mistaken but I swear I saw the sun come out today! This city is full of moaners and cynics but even the stoniest of hearts must have realized it was a fine day to be in old London town.

It being half term this week the shop has been really busy and full of kids and tourists. Call me sentimental if you like but it warms my cockles just to see how excited they are to be here. I wasn't born in London and when I was young it was always a really big deal to come visit. Now that I've lived here for eight years I , like most folk who do, completely take it for granted. Today I didn't. So to sum up, well done me.

On two completely separate notes, did anyone watch the Brits last night? Shit weren't they? Oh and one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in real life came in today. I got very flustered and insulted her. My apologies hot ginger lady. Jah bless, Jezx