Meet Rokit's First Fru-Gal!

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Meela our website photographers outfit.
Meela is taking part in our September Fru-Gal contribution.

We do love a sneak peak into the day to day wardrobes of fashionable folk, which is why we've long been fans of Eco-Age's FruGal Challenge...

The concept is simple: a style diary featuring a different outfit every day, comprised of vintage, second hand, and eco-friendly clothing. And this month it's Rokit's turn - we're taking over for the whole of September, kicking off with the lovely Meela, our new website photographer.

Here's Meela in today's outfit... "I've got a day off, so for shooting some b-ball outside of my school (read: in the basketball court near my house) I've opted for yellow leather shorts and a vintage t-shirt, both from Rokit. The shorts are by Rokit Recycled and are actually cut-off trousers - not sure how I'd feel about a full pair of trousers in yellow leather! The belt I bought in my local charity shop's bargain bin."

Check out Eco-Age for all Meela's other outfits this week, plus in the next month there'll be diaries from Fru-Gals in all our stores. Can't wait!