It must be love, love, love

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Rokit are officially in the match making game! Chris, behold, response to your lonely hearts ad....

" Dear Chris,

In answer to your beautiful words, in the lonely hearts advert you posted: you melted my young heart. I would like to say that I am the person you met in the shop. The giveaway came with the tickets, but can I just say they were not polar bear nor panda bear, they were in fact polar boy tickets. This is a very fashionable exhibition in Dalston, about frozen young boys, in which you are able to see "everything". If you want I could take you, maybe you would enjoy coming with me...?

This Claire girl you mentioned, I wasn't interested in her, I'm sorry you thought that, but just to let you know, she was slagging you off....personally I wouldn't trust that one!

I saw you last night at the 7th man magazine launch. Couldn't believe my eyes, in those trendy clothes, with those cheek bones cutting through the dance floor like a love knife. I was too scared to say hi, but I was wearing a soldier's hat, braces and my trousers were pulled up very high. Do you remember me? Please get in touch




To quote a certain hipster related blog....Look at that f-ing love connection!