Hmmm a lovely cup of tea!

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There are three times during the day, that are garunteed to bring a smile to our collective face. (no not home time)...ok 4 times, including home time. These are 10, 12 and 5; but why I hear you all ask. If you come in at these times of the day, you will see the staff standing, contented looks on our young faces, hands cupping something cylindrical, hot, steamy and sugary.....thats right mate, a lovely cuppa tea! "mmm delicous. "

What this has to do with selling clothes is beyond me, because actually during this happy moment thats actually not on our mind, but hey it's important to the smooth running, happiness of the Rokit Covent Garden. Which I'm sure you, the customer, have experienced.

So come down and join us in a cup of 10sees, 12sees or 5sees.....well actually you can probably look while we enjoy our cups of tea, cause it might be a bit weird us giving strangers hot tea. We would never get anything done now, would we..?!!