Time to get thrifty!

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It's been confirmed. London is officially the most expensive city to live and work in, according to a survey taken by global estate agent Savills. The capital has overtaken Hong Kong (holder of that unenviable bejewelled crown for the past five years) and is apparently twice as pricey as Sidney and four times more than Rio! The report partly blamed the soaring prices of rent, which have gone up by 18.4% in the past year, as well as, well, your pissy draft beer and £8 burgers basically. The report said, "Gentrification has priced out new start-ups, and the vitality of central London locations are at risk as they become too expensive for the types of occupiers that made them attractive in the first place."

So what happens when London is too pricey to actually live in? The high prices would drive out young artists, musicians, writers, designers and graduates first and foremost meaning the city could eventually become boring, grey and samey. Well, here at Rokit Vintage, we don't really like anything boring (unless it's normcore), grey (unless it's tweed) or samey (unless it's double denim). Plus, London might well be the most expensive city in the world right now, but it's still the coolest. We at Rokit like to sell interesting, one-of-a-kind garments and thrifty vintage goods that don't melt your bank balance like a poverty toasty. If you're going to be a poor Londoner, then you might as well look stylish while you do it. This is why we continue to devote the entire upstairs of our Camden branch ("Starship") to selling clothes that are £7 or less, which means you can nab a denim jacket for less than the price of a "gourmet" sandwich. Not bad at all.