Fru-Gal Challenge: Paint It Black vs The Final Countdown

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Nuala from the Covent Garden store's outfit on Thursday.
Nuala from the Covent Garden stores Friday look.
Keala from the Brick Lane store's outfit.
Full picture of Keala's look.

Our Fru-Gal Challenge takeover is nearly up! Last week it was the turn of Nuala who works in Rokit's Covent Garden shop.

In the words of her colleague Jez, who took these photos, "Nuala could be a part time model... You don't get much variety with her outfits I'm afraid, but that's Goths for you." Nice Flight of the Conchords reference there, Jez.

Here's what Nuala had to say about her outfit from last Thursday... "As Jez so astutely pointed out I am a bit of a goth, so here I am in the first of what will no doubt be many black outfits. I've layered a couple of black lace camis from Rokit with black skinnies, an oversize cardigan from a charity shop, a Rokit hat and boots from eBay."

We're also a little bit in love with this leather shorts / polo neck jumper / statement necklace combo from Friday.

Rokit's final Fru-Gal week sees Keala from our larger Brick Lane store taking part. Loving today's colour coordination betwixt shirt and hair!

"This green and black 80s shirt from Rokit is one of my favourites but since it's pouring with rain I've thrown on an oversized leather jacket which I studded myself, and my trusty fedora hat, also from Rokit. The denim shorts are vintage too and the boots are from ebay. My necklace is from Pacific Heights which produces some great hand crafted jewellery."

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