Ello ello ello... what do we ave ere then?

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For too long I've been scratching my head in a vain attempt to write an interesting blog!! unfortunately much like Dickens , Shakespeare and the illustrious Dan Brown I've had occasional writers block!

Guess what...I've still got it!

As I stare at this cursed computer, I type, delete and re-type a bunch of old crap! The problem is that nothing much has happened for me to write about, bar the occasional little drama, that in hindsight is too little to even bother writing about.

And then, this happened...

We caught a thief here in Bricklane on Sunday......Our undercover security guy...who is so undercover that not even I know who he is....busted a young Italian guy. We called the police and an hour latter they turned up to give this young skally-wag a thick ear and a good talking too. They took him away in handcuffs and we all gave him dirty disapproving looks that made him see the error of his ways.

So let this be a lesson to you wannabe tearaway trouble makers.....we will get you!! Crime doesn't pay!! The long arm of the law always catches you in the end!! And if in the shop you see a man, in a fake glasses, nose and moustache disguise - don't steal anything in front of him!!!

Steve x