Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

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That festive feeling has well and truly descended upon all at Rokit this past week, with our fabulously sophisticated (read: debauched) Christmas party on Thursday night leading to many a sore head the next day (remember kids, drinking is not big or clever. Or fun.)

Rokit staff - quite the wallflowers - enjoying a dancing on the bar moment. What is this, Coyote Ugly?!

And, as if all that festive cheer were not enough... after many a delay caused by unfortunate slipping-off-the-bed-whilst-dancing induced bone breakages (get well soon, Emma!) and no one knowing the whereabouts of our resident DIY expert (it's alright, we found him hiding behind some cans of paint) the Rokit Christmas Window Extravaganza at our Covent Garden store is finally in place and features all the vintage delights you'd expect from Rokit - frou frou lace dresses and stripy stockings to name but a few - plus stunning fringed head pieces by our very talented head of Ladies Wear, Paul Mccracken. So head on over to sneak a peak at our naughty mannequins who seem to be taking Christmas to dark new levels this year, tying each other to Christmas trees with fairy lights and parading around in gothic carriages... what would the vicar say?!

For more information about Paul's work, and enquiries about commissions please ask in store and pick up a business card.