Better By Design(er)

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Roll up, roll up, there's a new star in the Rokit fashion circus... This week has seen the arrival of a new Designer Vintage Section in our boutique store at 107 Brick Lane.

Keep an eye out for the rail with white hangers, where you'll find an edited selection of designer fashion, ranging from classic Dior through to more modern pieces by Chloe and Marc Jacobs. Stand out pieces include this quirky cat jumper by Escada - guaranteed to keep you lookin' good, feline fine (badum tsch) - and head of ladies' wear Paul Mccracken's personal favourite, this stunning bright orange 1980's dress by Thierry Mugler. And what better to set off the creme de la creme of vintage clothing than some designer vintage accessories - whether it's a silk scarf, classic leather bag or some towering heels, there is an ever changing selection of designer finishing touches to choose from!

And of course here at Rokit we are painfully aware that not every one lives in London town (some of us grew up in the badlands of Norfolk, for chrissakes) so for those of you who can't make it to Brick Lane, check out our website where there is a wide selection of designer men's wear, ladies' wear, and accessories for your perusal!