A message from Jez - Rokit Covent Garden

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It dawned on me this morning that we're three weeks into a new decade (I'm a little slow on the up take). Some day in the not too distant future people are going to come in to the shop saying "I need an outfit for a naughties party".

I've worked here for a long time now, and have dressed many a customer up for 70's disco clubs, 80's hair metal nights and 90's parties. It's easy because there are clearly defined iconic images associated with those eras. What am I gonna dress them in for the noughties? There wasn't really a music scene that went mainstream and had everybody dressing a certain way was there? Nu rave anybody!? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think I've worn skinny jeans and a leather bomber every day of the noughties so I guess that's what I'll tell folk.

When I was a child the movies set in 2010 had us wearing silver space suits and flying around on hover boards in a crime ridden wasteland. It's a shame that hasn't happened. Apart from the crime ridden wasteland part obviously. God bless. Jez x