Q&A with Robert Owens at Farr Festival 2015

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We were lucky enough to get chatting to dance music legend Robert Owens this weekend at Farr Festival. An infamous voice within house music, you may recognise him from the absolute tunes 'Ordinary People' and 'I'll be your friend'...

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Farr?

I'm looking forward to seeing people at Farr, that's the reason i preform too see people united together enjoying them self's

Best part about summer festivals?

Seeing friend's you don't get too see most of the year because as a mobile DJ i'm always travelling.

What is your favourite thing to see in the audience while you're on stage?

It's always wonderful seeing a smiling face.

Last item of clothing you purchased?

Shorts because I'm looking forward to some beautiful summer days.

Cats or dogs?

Cats on Monday Dogs on Tuesday.

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