Q&A with The Carraways at Green Man Festival 2015

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We caught up with this London quartet who's Britpop inspired style and indie rock n' roll vibes are not to be missed!

What would you say is the best part about summer festivals?

Toby (Guitar): The feeling of togetherness and good vibes. Sam (Vocals): and good music too. Josh (Drums): It's just nice how everyone leaves their daily life behind. In London everyone's in a rush and hasn't got any time to be friendly or anything but as soon as you get to a festival it all changes and everyone's so much more laid back.

How would you describe the music scene of the city you currently live in?

Sam: Buzzing. For example I just went to a free gig at the basement of a hotel full of jazz-funk pimps in Shoreditch, which is an example of how there's just music everywhere all the time, all styles, all types in all sorts of weird venues.

If you weren't a musician, what would you be and why?

Josh: We're still students but if we were a bit older I'd be a scientist or something like that. I'm doing all science A-levels so that seems like the natural career progression. Ryan (Bass): I'd be something else creative, maybe a creative writer or poet... Sam: anything without deadlines or something that isn't an actual job. Toby: I know I want to travel but I have no concrete plans.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

Sam: I think we're still too young to properly answer that question, I know fuck all so I'll look back in a few years with some sort of wisdom and have an answer. Ryan: NUS cards don't work in clubs. Especially when they're your older brother's.

Who is your fashion/style icon?

Sam: I wouldn't say I have one specific style icon but I take influence from different eras, so I might go through a mod phase or rockabilly phase but eventually it comes together by itself into whatever I'm wearing. Ryan: I'd say it varies from day to day essentially between Mac Demarco turn up jeans and chequered shirts or Morrissey skinny jeans and dandelions in my back pocket. I don't really have one style icon I just sort of drift.

Make sure you catch these guys at Green Man this weekend! Check out their new EP 'Orange Juice Dreams' below...