Q&A with Sam Brookes at Green Man Festival 2015

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We caught up with Sam Brookes at Green Man Festival: folk guitarist and singer who's acoustic sounds and story telling songs have captivated us all.

So Sam, what about Green Man appealed to you as an artist?

It's not easy to put on a festival where the music and the environment work so well together. There is a vibe at green man that you don't always get at other festivals and that's what makes me want to be apart of it.

Do you have any lucky charms or rituals before heading out on stage?

No charms, but when playing with the band we are starting to work up a little three/four part harmony barbershop warm up.

If you inherited an acre of land what would you do with it?

I'd build a workshop and studio the two things I love doing most are making music and woodwork. A 50m pool would also be grand. Oh and have some pigs.

What's the last item of clothing you purchased?


And finally...Cats or dogs?


Short, sweet and to the point... we like Sam's style!

Make sure you check out his new album Kairos for some heartfelt and beautiful music.

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