Q & A With Morris Cowan at Gottwood Festival 2015

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1. What about Gottwood Festival appeals to you as an artist?

A fantastic location, a festival operated by a great team with very friendly and open staff. The Gottwood lot have maintained the intimate feel, whilst growing and developing the festival site year on year. It still feels like a best kept secret, even considering the widespread press clamour and critical acclaim. That's a balance very well struck. And the Gottwood crowd aren't bad either.

2. Artist you would most like to collaborate with?

Ginger Baker. Wind him up and watch him go. I suppose I'd just like hours and hours and hours of recordings to do what I wanted with, otherwise at close quarters I suspect he could be a murderous b*stard.

3. Number one festival fashion essential?

You guys are the experts and I was banking on a little guidance. I'm coming with a new haircut, all I can do.

4. Last item of clothing you purchased?

3 oversized pastel coloured t-shirts. I made some shorts out of old levis around the same time, I've been told I'm a little too proud of that.

5. Rock 'n roll or 80s punk?

As per No.2.. Rock n Roll. Has to be. Perhaps a special nod to grunge as well though.