Q & A with Matt Karmil at Gottwood Festival 2015

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1) What do you think is the best part about summer festivals?

That first warm beer - after you incorrectly set your tent up that reeks of crusty mud from the previous years adventures.


That one guy or girl who's super into the music and gets overly excited at every song you play - cheering so loud you can hear them from over the soundsystem. You form an unspoken bond and chuck then a beer or 2 from under the decks. Later on, you'll bump into them at another stage and dance the night away together... Or they've forgotten you and you end up looking sounding like an idiot in front of them and their mates.

2) Favourite band from the 1970s or 80s?


3) Number one festival fashion essential?

Reasonably clean pants and a Hackney Council green recycling bin liner.

4) Princes' When Doves Cry or Raspberry Beret?

Tough call, When Doves Cry has a better hook but Raspberry Beret makes us want to wiggle our butts more.