Catch up with Eliza and the Bear and tune into their Summer Road Trip Playlist

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Blue skies are on the horizon and to celebrate our much beloved British summertime we've got hold of James Kellegher, lead singer of Eliza and the Bear to get some pointers on how to make the most of it! James knows a thing or two about feel-good summer tunes, the type that make that breeze rolling through your hair feel just that bit better. Have a peak at our interview with him and get excited for his ultimate summer road trip playlist!

Interview by Rhiannon Thornton

What song reminds you of your childhood

Otis Redding -My Girl, my parents would play it and my older sisters would dance to it whilst I play with my remote control cars. Many. Many years ago

Pizza topping of choice?

Spicy beef. Anything meaty really.

Bears become irrelevant, you have to adapt to survive, what does the bands new name become?

Eliza and the General Election

Which song is Little Mix's biggest banger?

Hair. All day long.

Who would you like to play you in a film about your life?

I get told I look like Jake Gyllenhaal a lot so that'd be fine by me.

What's your go-to summer look staple?

If it's really hot and I have no risk of feeling chilly as you always do in England, a nice loose fitted patterned shirt.

Last song you heard that made you do a lil' boogie?

Fleetwood Mac, Don't Stop, while cleaning just now.

What have Eliza and the Bear got next in store for us?

We're coming back. A lot sooner than you'd think