Artist of the Week: Jeff McCarthy

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Jeff McCarthy is our kinda guy. He's racked up an impressive following by combining our two favourite things; celebrities and food! The artist brilliantly plonks unassuming A-Listers on their most beloved carb-loaded creations so naturally we thought we'd drop him a line to chat dodgy homemade Christmas cards, our mutual love of food and the ultimate; Jeff's favourite sandwich. Meet our next artist of the week; the brains behind Celebs on Sandwiches.

For those who don't know, tell us a bit about who you are and the work you produce.
My name is Jeff McCarthy and I have an Instagram account called @celebsonsandwiches which features my original watercolor paintings of...celebs on sandwiches.

Where did the idea of plonking celebs on sandwiches come from?
The idea originally came to me, naturally, while eating a sandwich. Our culture has a pretty serious love for celebrities and food, so pairing the two together just made sense. Instagram always felt like the perfect venue, so I posted the first painting and the series was born soon after.

Notorious B.I.G on a BLT with Avocado
George Costanza on a Pastrami on Marbled Rye

How do you pick which celebs you're going to feature and which sandwiches they'll be perching on?
I always try to choose subjects who I think would, first and foremost, appreciate the humor. Deciding which sandwich to pair with which celebrity varies from person to person. Sometimes it's really specific, and might be a favorite food or something they've openly talked about. Other times, I just try to pair them with a sandwich that I think would fit their personality.

Donald Trump on a Grilled Sausage Sandwich

What's your favourite sandwich?
It's hard to choose just one favorite, but I love a good fried chicken sandwich, banh mi, or meatball parmesan.

I feel like I've been saying sandwiches a lot, what do you do when you're not painting carb loaded celeb themed creations?
Outside of painting celebs on sandwiches, I also make commercials and branded films...and make an annual holiday card with my girlfriend ( I live in Los Angeles, which has an amazing amount of great food. So, I'm always on the hunt for new places to eat, and of course, new sandwiches.

The Fat Jewish on a Turkey Reuben

Which famous faces are in the pipeline to get the sandwich treatment next?
You'll have to check out my Instagram stories @celebsonsandwiches! I'm always posting sneak peaks of upcoming celebs on sandwiches!

David Brent on a Grilled Cheese
Drake on a Canadian Bacon and Cheese

Check out Jeff's other work on his website. His annual holiday cards are a feast for the eyes!

Interview by Danielle Morgan.