A Very Rokit Christmas

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There's only 2 sleeps to go!!! We may all technically be 'grown ups' here at Rokit HQ, but that doesn't stop us leaving out milk and mince pies before we go to bed on Christmas Eve! No... just us?

Crimbo always leaves us feeling all warm inside... although that might have something to do with all those boozy nights. Well, it is Christmas! With only one whole day left until the big day, we dipped into our family photo albums to look back with fuzzy festive nostalgia on a time when we waited a whole year to whisper those 3 little words... Has he been?

Our photographer Julia meeting, err... Santa?
And then she met him again a few years later and Santa had made sure his dark sideburns were a thing of the past!
Photographer Matt being a right Menace with the rest of the Ford clan, casually relaxing in front of possible the smallest tree we've ever seen?
Area Manager Ree fulfilling all our Christmas dreams in THAT crown, and on the left starting on the buffet from a young age, proving that our love of food runs deep here at Rokit!
We're not too sure what Santa just said to our copywriter Rhi, but she is clearly not having any of his shit
Our Content Exec Danielle bringing that matching coat game since 1994
Again, the style choices are strong but this time nothing says Christmas like a sailor dress and the classic hand-on-hip-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree pose. Classic...

As you can see, we've always made strong style choices at Rokit. Whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you inject a bit of outrageous vintage flair into the final days 2016. God knows we need it!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from us to you!