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Earlier this month we invited singer, songwriter and 90's baby, Loop, to visit us at Rokit HQ in London- to take her pick of our full website collection and pose for a self-styled photoshoot (which looks stage ready, we're sure you'll agree!). We also had the pleasure of sitting down with Georgia between outfit-changes to pick her brains on everything from fashion to music. Keep reading, visit the online lookbook, browse her full edit here and listen to her weekend spotify playlist.

Hey Loop, thanks for coming in! In your outfits you often mix old with new, what's your recipe for putting together a perfect look?

I do! I think it's all about being comfortable but also pushing yourself to try out different looks. I tend to go for a slightly grunge/sporty vibe but it totally depends on the mood I'm in and where I'm going. I love mixing something really girly with something more tomboyish to get a little bit of contrast in my looks. I used to only dress in denim and monochrome but I've grown to love colour - I try to have a pop of something in all of my outfits now.

Do you have a favourite fashion era?

This is probably quite an unoriginal answer - especially with it being so on-trend at the moment - but I think it's got to be the 90s. As a 90's baby, it's just still my absolute favourite era for fashion. Spice Girls meets All Saints alllll dayyy.

Who do you look to for fashion inspo?

I get inspiration from all sorts of places really but Instagram is particularly amazing for fashion - I follow a lot of girls who work for cool brands and basically just creep on their pics and try to find some gems through that! I also like trawling through Pinterest after fashion week to see all the best catwalk looks (and then try find similar more affordable versions)! Oh, and like I said before - 90s pop stars are my go-to for style inspo.

Who did you want to dress/look like when you were a teenager?

Oh my god I went through so many phases… I wanted to be Marissa from the OC and was obsessed with all the cute strappy little tops and dresses she wore but then I actually got more of a style/general crush on Summer. Unfortunately I was lacking the boobs to pull of her looks. Sad times.

How would you style your perfect festival outfit?

It depends on the festival, and the weather(!) but something super colourful that's easy to jump about in with some cute accessories like sunnies, a fun hat and lots of glitter, obviously. I loved Halsey's Glasto stage outfit this year - she is such a babe. I'm currently debating whether to dye my hair pink or blue, but her new wig is swaying me more towards blue.. she looks hot.

What's been your most liked instagram post?

Umm lemme just have a scroll…. I think the one of me backstage before supporting Jonas Blue at Heaven! That was by far my most All Saints look to date. Those camo pants are a real wardrobe fav now.

In the music video for 'Losing My Mind' you appear in two contrasting looks. What was the inspiration for these and did you enjoy dressing up?

Oh my god yes - that was so much fun! I love dressing up but I'm terrible at makeup and hair so I prefer it when other people can work their magic on me. The concept of the song is about someone making you go crazy so we wanted to show off two contrasting personas in the video. I loved getting into the characters and playing around with stylised dance moves to represent the different vibes. It took 4 hours in hair and makeup for one of the looks though so it was a long day!

Do you think the music you listen to influences your style?

Yes, 100%. I listen to a lot of 90's music and a old school R&B, which is reflected in the way I dress. Obviously that's not all I listen to and I don't always dress in exactly the same way but it's definitely my overriding vibe.

What do you like to wear for live performances?

It really depends on the show... for the Jonas Blue European tour (4 dates) I wore trousers for every gig with a crop top or leotard and the same pair of chunky black heeled boots. I like to wear some sort of heel (unless it's a festival, when it's gotta be kicks) but nothing too tottery because I'm the f***ing worst in heels and I need to be able to dance hard. I really love the trouser and crop top combo because you feel totally unencumbered - like you can dance however you want and not stress about flashing anyone…

Your music is really taking off, how did your music career start?

Thanks! It's getting really fun now…

When I started I was putting music out under my real name, but after a while I realised it wasn't feeling quite right so I started LOOP. Immediately it felt more me - the music was better, the songs were more fun and I began putting everything I'd learnt and all the contacts I'd made into good use... suddenly it all started clicking into place. Succeeding in music is never an overnight thing - it takes time, but if it's what you want to be doing then it's so f***ing worth it.

What gives you inspiration for your music?

Relationships. With my boyfriend, my family, my friends, professional relationships - it's what comes most naturally to me to write about. If a song isn't personal to me I struggle to find the right words.

Which artists do you look up to?

I'm inspired by so many artists but I think girls of a similar age, doing a similar thing to me, are the ones who push me to work the hardest. I love Halsey - I think she's so authentic and talented. I love BANKS. She is phenomenal. Tove Lo, Anne-Marie… and then obviously you can't not be inspired by women like Beyoncé and Riri. Male artists inspire me too, but at the moment I'm really on the female hype.

Do you prefer playing at festivals or small venues?

To be honest I haven't played enough gigs to know this yet! I love festivals, so to spend a summer hopping from one to to the next, playing in front of 100s/1000s of people high on life in the sunshine.. that sounds pretty ideal to me. But I've also loved some of the smaller venues I've played. I just love playing live, full stop. It's the most amazing feeling and I can't wait to do more of it.

Where can we catch you next? / What festivals are you playing this summer?

I'm playing a Sofar Sounds gig on Thursday 13th July - I've never done a fully acoustic gig before and I've heard that they're amazing and intimate so I'm really looking forward to that. After that I'm at Sundown festival on the 3rd of September and I'm also in the process of getting a couple more festivals lined up for later on in the summer so you'll have to watch this space!

Want to see more from Loop? Visit her youtube or follow her on Instagram and shop her vintage picks from the online edit and lookbook.