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It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to go and review Rumpus Party at the Metalworks in Angel. And Rumpus is definitely the place to go when the cold season approaches and you need to keep the festival spirit going! Stronger and more fabulous than ever, Rumpus Party has just celebrated their 26th Vol. !

At Rumpus there's vintage - in a fantastical way. Off you go to push the boudaries between dreams and reality!

Inspiration is drawn from the past - think corsets, tail suits, wigs, masks, circus and psychedelic jackets - and reinterpreted in a glittery contemporary context. The twist often resides in the art it showcases and, well, the music (not much banging House in Victorian circuses, I don't think). However, you folky elf of the forest and medieval inspired juggler, do not despair, for at Rumpus there's acoustic music all night long! Yes, you heard me. You won't have to dance till you drop to Drum & Bass (but if you like it, it's there in all shapes and forms), for just like a mini (well, not so mini) festival the Metal Works has 11 rooms of music, and each one of them is a world of their own thriving on a different sound. This often includes, jazz, folk, Balkan Beats, and sometimes even cabaret! Without even mentioning electro swing and other brothers of this genre.

Despite the fact that Rumpus is very much about the carnivalesque and therefore dressing up; its spirit lies in the openminded and fun atmosphere; it's an opportunity to be who and what you want to be, what you've dreamed of being, what you've wondered about being and what you've never even dreamed of being. It's an opportunity to be a bit or even very creative.

To add to this we've had a little chat with the director and organiser Santiago - and can totally swear on the sincerity of such statements. Rumpus has no pretence. In all of its weirdness and wonder, its main priority is for people to have a good time and mingle with like minded creatures (till 6 am!).