Rokit Best Dressed For Less with Natalie's Lovely Blog

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The thing I love most about vintage clothing is that you're always left wondering who the owner was before you. You wonder if it belonged to a lip-biting 17-year-old or a 30-something with an office job and a steep rent. It's for this reason that I am obsessed with Rokit, an online vintage store based in London and am participating in their Best Dressed For Less Competition. My entry is a retro, 90's inspired look complete with sunflower-printed overalls, pocketed blue crop top, cat-eye rimmed sunglasses, and black jelly sandals. I took this opportunity to dress up as I did at age 5 except with a more modern twist. Overalls and retro glasses have been all over high fashion runways recently, and I love the whimsical nature of both. To top it off, I was able to find both for around £40 total // Overalls: £25 // Sunglasses: £15. I'm so happy with the way this look turned out and would like to thank Rokit for this opportunity. To enter the competition, see details here!!

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