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Bitter English Winters often make me want to curl up in a Totoro onesie and never change. But since I live in London, and the weather is so changeable, I've developed some pretty good tips on how to layer effectively in winter and still look put together.

1. Don't apply clothes to seasons. This sounds silly, but often we look at clothes and assign them to our 'Summer Wardrobe', but if you layer effectively, I think you can make anything work. One of my favourite pieces of clothing is a really simple black playsuit I bought in the summer. And since I love it so much, I've found numerous way to wear it in winter too. I treat it a bit like a pinafore, and layer anything from t-shirts to button ups underneath. Then you add some snazzy tights and a jacket, and you're set to go! Strappy dresses work really well for this too.

2. Vests are your best friends. I'll admit this is a really boring, but nonetheless essential, tip for layering. Cami-vests fit under everything, and when you've been waiting at a bus stop for the last half hour in the cold and there's nothing on the horizon, you'll thank me.

3. Expensive tights are worth the money. I'm a big dress and skirt wearer, so it's essential to have a few pairs of really good black tights. Investing in a pair of fleece lined ones will serve you well for miserable days. You can also get some fun printed ones to poke out of a long skirt if you want to add some colour.

4. Flannel shirts. They're a godsend. You can find them in your Dad's wardrobe, at a vintage store or a charity shop and they are really affordable. You can wear a hoodie underneath, and create a sort of urban jacket. You can throw them over your favourite party dress to make it a bit more casual. And you can even tie it round your waist to get some really good '90s Rayanne Graff vibes.

5. Wearing multiple skirts at the same time is okay. I have a few of these really old chiffon skirts from when I was about 12, and they are far too short on me now, but they work really well under thinner skirts to add warmth or just some shape.

6. If all else fails, get the thickest oversized coat you can find. The men's section in Rokit is my favourite place to look for this because you'll find something with lots of room for layers underneath, and also achieve this slouchy-effortless-boyfriend effect that's dead cute.

And voila! I wish you luck on your layering conquests.

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