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Yesterday we here at HQ were joined by the new-rave pioneers The Klaxons- Jamie, James, Simon and Steffan popped in to pick up some Rokit goodies before they head off on tour...but more about that later. Check them out in their lovely Rokit delights, clearly enjoying all things Military, Disney, the odd grandpa cardigan and a pair of vintage Sunglasses. Whilst the boys were here, we pinned them down for 5 minutes to ask them a few questions...

Rokit: Which artists are you excited about in 2010?

Klaxons: Flats, The Emeralds and Connan Mockasin

Thank you for that, right lets kick it old skool.. if you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life which would it be?

Jamie: The Best of Bob Marley

Simon: Drunk Power

So in other news I read that the new album is heavily influenced by ye olde beliefs and practices of did you get into that?

Jamie: Basically my friend Daniel Pinchbeck got me into it, I'll follow any false guru. That's not true, but the bit about Daniel is.

I'm a bit disappointed that Shamanism isn't influencing you sartorially, but ho hum, so are your stage outfits different from your civies?

James: Yeah for a while we had Christian Joy (who also dresses the rad Karen O of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs fame) designing our stage outfits so they would have some kind of theme running through them, our last set by Christian was a bit Mad Max, basically she would have us dress as different characters from her imagination. So we would co-ordinate a little.

Awesome, it's always nice to dress up...finally if you could be any other band dead or alive who would it be?

Jamie: The Doors.

Well said.

Well there you have it a five minute insight into the psychedelic Mickey Mouse toting, Mad Max loving Klaxons minds. The boys are just starting their UK tour and you can catch them all over the country and at both Leeds and Reading festivals so head over to their Myspace to check all dates.