Ellie's Spring Essentials

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There's my ideal spring essentials list, and then there's my more realistic UK style spring essentials (gloves, scarves, two pairs of tights etc) - therefore I've tried to combine the two in order to create a 'best of' to suit all extremes of weather (major rain and tropical heat - let's face it, it could go either way).

London Guide - I moved to London at the end of last year and I'm determined to explore more areas and visit more little independent shops, cafes and restaurants. I love the Wallpaper guides as they're handy to carry around everywhere and skip the obvious (also handy for mini city breaks too!).

Umbrella - An obvious choice. It's time I invested in a serious brolly.

Sweatshirt - I love this cropped navy sweatshirt, the flower design is beautiful and it's ideal for carrying around as a just-in-case for when you think it's going to be hot but turns out it's arctic conditions outside (note to self - blue skies does not mean it's 30 degrees).

Scarf - This silk scarf is a dream, I absolutely love the print. Lovely for adding decoration - tied around my bag, as a headband or to keep warm - my collection of scarves is getting out of hand.

Sunglasses - I'm desperate for some preppy round sunglasses. Big lenses and a thick black frame completely add a 1950's edge but not too out-there making them still easy to wear all the time.

Dungarees - AKA the answer to everything. If in doubt in terms of clothes, dungarees every time. Very casual, very cool and so easy to wear. With more of a jazzy printed shirt underneath or a basic black crop top, they're super comfy and if it is slightly cooler? Patterned tights are no problemo.

Duffle Bag - I've been after a duffle bag for a while and I think this is the perfect one. Hardwearing and easy to drag around everywhere it's a good day tripper bag to cram everything in (camera, jumper, food) but still look nice.

Fisheye Camera - I absolutely love my fisheye and in the spring/summer is when it comes with me everywhere. Taking 35mm film, there's nothing more exciting than getting it developed after completely forgetting what's been taken, especially with the 170⁰ angle.