An Interview With Pandemonia

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Jordan, the interviewer, from Style Ramblings is our comeptition winner.
Jordan speaks to Pandemonia about life, style and everything in between!
Pandemonia 'thrives on attention' - good job there was a crowd!
Pandemonia describes her personal style as 'larger than life' - we'd have to agree!
Bright colours, logos and Americana are the way to Pandemonia's heart. (Clockwise from top left: Versace shirt £35, fringed jacket £95, cowboy shirt £35, polka dot skirt £25, leather dress £120)

"Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the 55pages issue 2 launch event at Rokit's Covent Garden store and to interview the VIP guest, Pandemonia, as their guest blogger. An evening with the guys from Rokit and 55factory ensued, washed down with Rekorderlig cider. As for the interview, after Pandemonia was a little fashionably late - in true celeb style - I was given some one-on-one time with the enigmatic artist and style icon...

JP - What is it like being a pop art girl in a man's world?

P - Well, you get lavished with attention by both sexes.

JP - And do you enjoy this attention?

P - Yes, I thrive on it!

JP - How would you describe your personal style?

P - Larger than life.

JP - How important are looks in today's society, and is this a bad thing or a good thing?

P - I think today's society is very concerned with looks. I have just been away and I have found that people in the UK are much more obsessed with looks than in other countries. As for whether it's a bad thing or not, that's too big an issue for me to get into now!

JP - You parody today's celebrity culture, but how much do you approve of the cult of the celebrity?

P - I neither approve nor disapprove of celebrities, but they are a huge part of our lives.

JP - We all know you attend a lot of fashion shows, but who are you favourite designers and why?

P - I don't really follow mainstream designers and fashion in general, only things that capture my attention and appeal to me. However I do enjoy watching the shows at fashion week.

JP - And who designs your costumes?

P - I would say they are not costumes, they are art pieces. But they are designed by me.

JP - Do you have any plans for designer collaborations?

P - I have no plans as of yet, but that is always a possibility!

JP - We're here at Rokit, London's longest-standing vintage emporium; what are your favourite vintage styles or looks?

P - I really like the whole Americana look, anything inspired by westerns. And I am drawn to things that are bright and have large logos!

JP - We're also here to celebrate the launch of 55pages issue 2 and the 55pages app; which fashion magazines do you follow?

P - Other than 55pages, I don't tend to follow mainstream fashion publications.

JP - What's next for Pandemonia?

P - I have been creating new artwork and and plan to show this new work in an exhibition, some 2D impressionist work. I'm also working on some sculpture which is taking up a lot of my time!"

Thanks to Jordan, our guest blogger. You can catch more of his musings over on his blog, My Style Ramblings.