Sink The Pink Summer Ball Review

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We had such a great time at this year's Pride in London that we are kinda still recovering. Not only have we hosted our own charity event Unique & Proud in our Covent Garden store last Thursday, but we also had time to go to Sink the Pink Summer Ball. And, man, it was worth it, for there isn't something of this kind anywhere else in London. Celebrations began at the Troxy: art, fashion, performance and fluid identities in all colours, shapes and forms. A glitter extravaganza that will stay with you many many showers later, and that's how we like it!

The creation of Glyn Famous and Amy Zing, Sink the Pink is a night characterised by an inclusive sense of fun and jaw-dropping performances that go on throughout the whole night. There is no snobbery allowed in any type of circumstances and it's a great place to think big when it comes to style and outfits. The competition is fierce, just as you think you've gone too far, you realise the banality of your decision, so think harder!