Why Choose Vintage Sportswear?

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Back in the good old days cigarette companies were sponsoring sporting champs and NFL big shots were chumming about with Hugh Heff. Over on this side of the pond nans, mums and their teenage daughters were swooning over Georgie Best's sideburns and our sporting heroes had names like Big Daddy (say no more)!!!

Through it all sportswear has been championed by everyone from athletes to mods and ravers, owing its universal success to its comfort, versatility and all round sex appeal! When it comes to your sporting garb there's only one thing for it; go retro or go home!

But why choose vintage sportswear we hear you ask?! (errr why not?!) Apart from the fact that every piece is a one off original, vintage sportswear taps into every trend going! From laurel wreath donning mods to trefoil clad Brit-poppers, sportswear made its way off the running track and into the underbelly of British youth culture... and then those kids started moving up the ranks!!

No need to leave your sports garb screwed up and abandoned in your gym bag!!! Hordes of designers have jumped onto the sportswear bandwagon and cashed in on the trend and it's fast becoming our go to! Sporting vintage threads avoids looking like you've just endured a horrific spinning class by keeping the look clean and authentic.

To avoid looking like you've just stumbled back from a killer run, 'luxe' the look (that means posh it up a bit btw). If you're an NFL nut, layer a football jersey over a long sleeved tee. Or in an ode to Wiggo, pair a cycling top with vintage Levi's?! What about a Rockabilly overhaul; team a bowling shirt with cigarette pants?! You cannot go wrong; sportswear is a winner!! Literally EVERY-TIME!!

And this Winter, we're swapping sun, sea and sand for snow, booze and booze!! (sounds like our kinda holiday)!!

There's no need to spend weeks depriving yourself of scoffing your way through the tin of Roses to sculpt the perfect bikini bod, so if hurtling down a slippery, snowy slope at a hundred miles an hour whilst simultaneously doing the splits a la Bridget Jones appeals to you, then walk this way because a skiing getaway is right up your alley! And what better way to prep yourself than with our Ski&Snow edit?!!!

Even if you can't ski, we guarantee you'll have a whale of a time laughing about how awful you were at the apres ski (it is ALL about the apres ski!!!) which involves chunky knits, open fires and all the alcohol! (what's not to love)?!!

Avoid cheap knock offs with our Team Rokit sportswear edit loaded with genuine articles! We've got it covered, don't sweat!