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Have you seen the latest designer-high street collaboration betwixt Versace and H&M? Want to channel the dressed by Donatella look in Gaga-esque OTT Italian attire? We most certainly do, however our mortal fear of being seen wearing the same dress as anyone else - especially a bit of Versace which ain't exactly subtle - means we shall be saving our pennies for the vintage real deal, available on our website now.

And for those of us not blessed in the wallet department (hi, fellow London dwellers) we also have a brilliant selection of eighties extravagant patterns and 90s coin embellished finery which will give you the look for less.

Check out our top 10 Versace and Versace-esque treats below...

Versace Studded Shirt, £25

Versace Silk Tie, £45

Versace Shirt, £35

Versace Jeans, £65

Versace Handbag, £750

Earrings, £20

Knit Top, £35

Skirt, £25

Versace Sunglasses, £120

Versace Sports Ski Jacket, £175

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