Top 10 Minis EVER

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We are having a mini moment over at Rokit this weekend. We've looked at the origins, how they are worn on the street, styling tips but we couldn't let the moment pass without paying homage to some of our all-time favourite minis. In no particular order….

1. Sarah Jessica Parker wore countless iconic looks throughout her tenure as Carrie Bradshaw in cult show Sex & The City but it was the opening credits ballerina outfit that stands out as the most iconic! Layers of frothy netting overlay eachother to produce every girl's dream miniskirt.
2. It was 1994 when Cameron Diaz burst onto the scene as Jim Carrey's love interest in The Mask. She wowed with some shopstopping outfits throughout the film but it was the super mini, super sexy beaded dress she wore at the Coco Bongo that really made her performance memorable.
3. One of our all time favourite heroines was played by Julia Roberts in the chick flick Pretty Woman. Sure her character Vivienne wore plenty of beautiful gowns (red opera, brown and white spotted - so many!) but it was the one we first saw her in, her 'Game Outfit' we'll call it, which remains instantly identifiable.
4. Jean Shrimpton was one of the first public figures who championed the minidress in the sixties but it was her showcase of the controversial garment at the Melbourne Races in 1965 which really sent shockwaves around the world. Although this cut looks positively demure to today's standards, the starlet made a serious impact with this look.
5. It may be what was between her legs that became the biggest talking point of the film, but the white minidress worn by Sharon Stone's character Catherine Tramell in the classic film Basic Instinct resonated just as strongly. Sleeveless, tight and sexy - it became a pinnacle for fashionable women in the early 90's.

6. The Met Ball is an annual event for the elite of Hollywood and fashion to don their fanciest couture and swan onto the carpet in all their red carpet glory. So the shock which Sienna Miller caused when she turned up in a 60's inspired sequinned minidress and tights was sensational! Jude Law's girlfriend became an icon in her own right.
7. Clueless has become a cult film for anyone who worships anything 90's and the star of the film Cher's most memorable looks is one of the mini's finest. A neat, checked, two piece miniskirt suit in sherbet yellow was one of this style icon's best moments and she had the perfect accessory - her best friend Dionne in a coordinating outfit!
8. From the 60's up to the 00's, singer Tina Turner has championed the mini silhouette with those fantastic pins of hers. There are so many looks which she has become famous for but the rejuvenation of 20's fringing during her 1971 concert is particularly noteworthy!
9. Who could forget this moment? Ingrained into everyone's sub-conscious for all eternity, no mention of the mini could exist without Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress. A look that launched a thousand copycats, this Spice Girl spawned a generation ff Spice Power all around the world with this dress which waved the flag for Britain.
10. Lastly is a look from the Queen of well, everything - Beyonce! Although she is known for her elegant red carpet looks and laidback beachwear style, one thing which Bey can be relied upon for is some show stopping stunners! Who can forget this fringed mini two piece by Ralph & Russo which she wore on the opening night of her Mrs Carter world tour.