We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

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The Holiday Season is upon us! Whilst excitement builds and travel books lie strewn across kitchen tables, it's easy to overlook the most important part of any holiday: what to pack. To help you tailor your look for any destination, Rokit is here to help you inject a vintage flair into your Summer wardrobe.

Words by Sophie Soar

Travel Wear


Although the focus of your holiday wardrobe will be neatly nestled in your suitcase in preparation for their debut upon arrival, the first outfit to plan is the one you'll be wearing to get from A to B. Leaving the unpredictable climate of England and facing the possibility of Arctic air conditioning on planes, trains or coaches, layering is will be your new best friend when it comes to enduring those chilly flights; you can add or remove when required to make sure you're the perfect temperature throughout the journey.

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Depending on the length or time of your travelling, a top tip would also be to take a shawl, scarf or cardi to use for those night-time journeys and airport naps when a makeshift blanket becomes your most treasured possession.

The right bag is also essential, especially when forced to battle with weight restrictions or train luggage racks. Keep it light but with lots of room to cram in all those minatures you'll be smuggling from the plane to your hotel (we've all been there)!

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Whether you will have to manically run from airport lounge to gate or beat Usain Bolt's world record when delayed train connections demand it, always prepare with the appropriate footwear. Look for those vintage treasures and designer classics that you can rely on when the last call for boarding is announced and you're still trawling round duty free bulk buying perfume and booze.

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City Break

For the cultural types among us, long weekend city breaks provide the perfect getaway and ideal time to showcase some fabulous looks. Accessorise with a camera in one hand and a tourist map in the other, sunnies perched on top your head and a straw bag on your arm to finish off that effortless I-spent-3-hours-getting-ready-this-morning-can-you-tell? look... They'll be none the wiser.


Make like a local as you browse amongst the baguettes and fromage or sip on your espresso by the Arc de Triomph in traditional Parisian style, channelling elegance with ease as though not a second of thought went into the your look of the day. Camille Rowe is our Parisian style icon, looking effortlessly gorgeous in a light blouse and loose fitting jeans.

New York

Despite most New Yorkers escaping to the Hamptons in their quest to make the most of the sun by a poolside (only permanent residents could ever want to leave), saunter in style down Fifth Avenue, with an outfit suitably adaptable to a lazy afternoon in Central Park. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

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Beach Wear

It's time to tan! As the fair English roses slap on the factor 50 and head for the sunshine, it's the swimwear that's on all of our minds. Whether collapsing by a pool after a long week in the office or heading to the beach for some well earned R&R after an exhausting semester at uni, our vintage treasures shall elevate your summer wardrobe to classy chic.

French Riviera

Can we mention this holiday destination without emphasising the necessity of nautical stripes? Think Brigitte Bardot, St. Tropez glamour. Our range of affordable vintage designer wear ensures you will forever have the upper hand in elegance as you hop from one bistro to the next. To avoid baking in the afternoon heat as you sip on a perfectly chilled glass of Pinot, white will never let you down. Simple but stylish.

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Colourful, creative combinations are a must when jetsetting to the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic. At Rokit, we have Hawaiian shirts aplenty; the holiday trend of the summer sees tropical print as the one to wear. Is there anywhere better to show off your style awareness than on a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in hand whilst lounging in the setting sun?

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To coincide with those of you planning a strict holiday timetable that entails tanning and swimming from sunrise to sunset, there is often danger of repetition. So mix up your swimwear for a variety of poolside looks and levelling out those tan lines. After all, is there any better reason for buying multiple swimming costume styles than to ensure your summer glow spreads evenly?

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Active Holiday

For the more active ladies and gents, retro sportswear allows a laidback touch that suggests you haven't gone direct from tennis courts to airport but rather looking to show off what vintage clothing has to offer. Whether a climber, hiker, tennis player or maybe even an avid elephant or camel riding polo player (we can only guess at your breadth of interests), keep it vintage, classic and cool whilst gallivanting about golf courses or cricket pitches.


Finally, we come to the category that many, including myself, fall neatly into: the staycation. When your budget doesn't quite cover the cost of a a dream Holiday backpacking around Thailand for 3 weeks (bitter, me?) or you love your hometown too much to leave, perhaps the festivals prove too much of a draw or parting from your local Rokit store is too much to bear, we have the perfect solution: update your wardrobe! Whilst the British shores might not be renowned for its sunshine, that doesn't mean we're not ready for it the second it makes an appearance. Ready for anything the weather throws at you, explore what our website has to offer by clicking on our street style below.