What to Wear to... Terror & Wonder: The Gothic Imagination Exhibition

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There is a heavy literary emphasis, of course, but dusty old tomes sit alongside some cool Penny Dreadful covers from the turn of the 20th century, clips from films like the Wicker Man, Chris Riddell's Goth Girl illustrations, Martin Parr photography of the modern goth scene - alternative clothing in abundance here - and a stunning dress from Alexander McQueen's 1996 Dante collection in delicate cut away black lace. Well worth a visit!

And so to the burning (if trivial) question: what to wear to wander through the exhibit?

Plunder our collection of alternative clothing and you'll find more black lace, velvet and blood red silk than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Keep things chic with a lace maxi dress or a vampiric black coat and poet shirt combination. If you really want to wow (and don't give a damn that it's daytime and you're in a library,) not the Royal Opera House circa 1932, then we have a stunning vintage 30s crushed velvet black opera coat!

The Terror & Wonder exhibition is open now and runs until 20th January 2015.

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