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Okay, so we all know that the first half of the 40s was a particularly dark period in world history due to WWII. However, post-war resulted in monumental historic transitions. One substantial change can be observed within the fashion industry. Women could breathe a huge sigh of relief when the ban on fabric shortages was finally lifted post-war (cue Christian Dior and his iconic 'New Look' silhouette being created)….oh, the elegance had well and truly arrived and wasn't going anywhere! This period marked the end of utilitarian simplistic styles, paving the way for feminine, romantic looks for women - oozing with beauty! The glitz and glamour of Hollywood well and truly dominated from here on out.

As with every prominent fashion decade a variety of styles developed, ranging from the androgynous trouser suit (think Katharine Hepburn in classic, minimalist tailoring in The Philadelphia Story) and on the other end of the spectrum, feminine and glamorous cocktail dresses (seen on the likes of Hollywood beauty Rita Hayworth). Of course we cannot forget the classic day suit which incorporated elegant pencil skirts and fitted suit jackets with a strong emphasis on showing off the waist - all very lady-like. We vintage clothing enthusiasts have created three iconic wearable looks of the decade ensuring that whatever your style, you can embrace this era which introduced us to the most flattering styles in history!

Creating Your 40s Style With Vintage Clothing

Day Look

Fashion on a budget was the main concern for the women of the early 40s. The attitude towards fashion was very much simplistic and utilitarian, representing patriotism. The motto was "make do and amend" with basic pencil skirts being regularly worn, thus resulting in the two-piece suit being born. Being hailed as the "day suit", this style achieves an elegant look for all you chic women out there - consisting of a knee length dress/skirt, tailored jacket and of course that famous nipped in waist that Mr. Dior kindly created for us classy women! Do not forget to complete the look with the all-important accessories - including a handbag and of course leather gloves - which are a MUST for any lover of 40s vintage clothing. To top it off, a red lipstick will add that pop of colour to make all your friends envious of your alluring, nostalgic style.

40s Dress, 40s Jacket, Vintage Handbag, Leather Gloves

Evening Glamour

Do you have an important and fabulous date on the horizon? Well, the dazzling and stunning charm of the 40s evening looks are just what we have in mind for you.

In order to recreate the Hollywood pin-up look of this decade and take you back to the era (because who doesn't want to emulate the original movie sirens? Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck to name a few.), an evening LBD is required, which can be glamorously styled with a touch of embellishment in the form of a key accessory in the 40s - an elegant brooch! Brooches are a very simple method of adding some sparkle to your outfit. Add peep-toe heels and a classy blue beret featuring a pretty bow which will ooze femininity and glamour, ensuring that you are picture-perfect for the fabulous evening ahead!

40s Evening Dress, Beret, Brooch, Heels, Vintage Handbag


If you prefer a more tailored and masculine silhouette to your fashion, then the androgynous look was made for you. Influential Hollywood stars paved the way for this look, most notably Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich, who successfully pioneered this statement trend. You too can join the androgynous pack by styling your tailored high-waist belted trousers (wool was a popular choice of fabric) with a suitably neutral shirt and double breasted suit jacket, to emulate the minimalist look. Cute leather brogues and a felt wool hat (yes, women in this era didn't venture outdoors without them!) will have you looking like you should have a starring role alongside Hepburn in the 'The Philadelphia Story'. Make sure to check out our fabulously wonderful vintage clothing collections and style yourself 40s!

40s Trousers, 40s Suit Jacket, Shirt, Sweater Vest, Brogues, Vintage Wool Felt Hat