See? Punk.

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Clash goth shoes with floaty clothes in pastel colours for a true sea-punk look.
90's with a twist.
Pale whites and layering are key to sea-punk.
Clash similar gradient patterns for an interesting look.
Sea-punk isn't all about crazy colour- sometimes black is all that's needed.
Velvet maxi's create a witchy effect.
Deep ombre and denim cut off vests make an impact.
Pastel hair is a must.
Leather, spikes and mickey mouse in this picture.
These leopard print tights really add an interesting twist to this outfit.
High waisted jeans and blouses are good basics for sea-punk.
Boys in sea-punk wearing fur coats.

We've been sitting on these amazing Seapunk inspired shots - taken by guest photographer Laura Bates and styled by Alexa Gould-Cavet, and now we finally have the chance to show you them!

Shop the seapunk collections for girls and guys here (this is one for the braver boys out there, but looks awesome worn with aplomb by our lilac and seafoam haired friend right at the bottom). Swaggity swag swag swag. Or whatever word the cool kids are using these days.

Images: big thanks to The Style Scout and Style East

Photographer Laura Bates

Stylist Alexa Gould-Kavet

Models Helena Damaria-Williams and Cornelia Van Rijswijk

Hair / Makeup Gemma Lucy Albone