Rokit loves...Cat Eye Sunglasses!

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Back in the 1940's glasses were transformed from their geeky origins into a stylish, fashion accessory. Glasses for fashion really took off in this decade as advances in manufacturing and lens technology made more daring shapes functional as well as decorative.

The new cat eye glasses made popular in the 50's brought Hollywood glamour to the masses. The frames became extended and winged with options for colour and embellishments. The ultra flattering and feminine style was worn by an array of glamorous starlets such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Even Princess Margaret jumped on the bandwagon.

For the ultimate style inspiration check out Miss Kelly in To Catch a Thief. She epitomised the French Rivera style we are all trying to emulate this summer. (It helps that she was drop dead gorgeous.) However, it was actually another blonde bombshell that pioneered the cat eye look - Marilyn Monroe.

Nowadays the style is worn by every aspiring fashionista. Modern celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry all rock this style. Whether you're mixing up your decades or going all out fifties siren; the cat eye is timeless.

Here at Rokit we have fallen in love with the classic frames all over again. We have a wide range of fifties inspired sunnies on the website ready to be whisked away on your summer holidays. Whether you're channelling classy Betty Draper or going all out Dame Edna - we have got you covered. Check out our gorgeous styles now!