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Normcore….Fashion movement or just a troll? First and foremost what is it and where did the idea even come from? Normcore was a term coined in Manhattan by a group of close friends that worked in marketing agencies way back when in 2011.

Constantly bombarded with trend forecasts and presentations, they developed an idea of a coining the term to describe a standard, normal, anti-fashion trend which they turned into the form of an art project called 'K-Hole'.

Since then this fashion parody has become a believable subject across the media, journalists and the internet. But of course this trend isn't new, white trainers and 'mom' jeans (which were associated with Jerry Seinfield) from the 90's was the typical look that would've been classified as 'normcore'.

So to sum it up Normcore presents itself as a non-trend, minimalistic approach to fashion. So whether you take this Normcore business seriously or not it provides a good excuse for individuals to make a minimal effort with their wardrobe whilst remaining comfortable.

Normcore is a term perfect for vintage lovers. 1) Because it's comfortable, 2) it references the casuality of 90's French suburbia and 3) it combines casual basics all vintage lovers buy because they're cheap!

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