Mixing And Matching Authentic Army Surplus For The Fashion Conscious

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One of the absolute joys of vintage clothing is taking something old or utilitarian and incorporating it into something different; something unique. Take army surplus - soldiers' threads have long been reconceptualised into a counter-culture fashion statement, and here at Rokit we've got an unrivalled collection of authentic ex-military garments, ideal whether you're dressing for the Glastonbury mud bath, outdoor pursuits, or just pounding the pavements with your own unique street style.

Wearing Vintage Military Surplus

Repurposed army surplus has been worked into street styles for decades. The 60s saw the explosion in hippies and other counter cultural types taking old US Vietnam gear and wearing it as a protest against the War. And it certainly caught on. The Beatles wore it; Jimi Hendrix did too, as did punks and plenty of other sub cultures over the years.

So how can you work all this into your wardrobe? Much as we love the Tank Girl look, you don't have to go all out military: balance the proportions of an oversized military field jacket with a cute summer dress for a girly take on military surplus. If you prefer to keep things casual, try stonewash jeans with thigh high rips and a band tee layered under your parka, or combine a John Lennon-esque military shirt with a babydoll dress and some Doc Martens for a grungey look. Alternatively, pick up a camo field jacket and contrast it with plain bright coloured pieces in luxe fabrics (egg yolk yellow and fuchsia pink work particularly well), tailored trousers and structured bags and shoes.

Remember not to overdo the militaristic elements though. It should be used to accent and add to outfits; not be the whole look in and of itself.

Can Guys Get In On The Military Look?

Of course, it's not just for the girls; the gents can easily take their cues from the military world. For classic cool, you can't really beat a leather bomber jacket topped off with some Top Gun aviators. And then there are the Mods. Their timeless look of oversized M51 or M65 fishtail parkas over a flawless Italian suit will always remain sharp. For a more shambolic style try combining a blazing red Grenadier Guard's coat with some torn-up drainpipes for that Libertines chic.

Authentic Military Surplus From Rokit

At Rokit, we stock a huge range of surplus items for collectors and the casual wearer alike. Our collection covers eras ranging from the Second World War up to the modern day and even the odd piece from WW1 and before!

So if you want to give your look a bit of military chic or just require some hardwearing gear for your outdoor pursuits or festivals, check out our range of army surplus garments online or in store today.