Military Surplus for the Great Outdoors

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We've discussed why we love army surplus, but purely from a fashion stand point. Sure, it's a known fact that vintage clothing is ideal for breaking conventions and forging your own style, like many do with military gear. But there's more to simply slapping on an old army shirt and getting stuck into a festival mud bath or showing off your militaristic chic on a night out.

Getting Out And About With Army Surplus

Aah the Great British countryside. Is there anything finer? It's a far cry from the urban jungle where you can normally find Rokit, but that doesn't mean we don't love it so! Aside from being, you know, gorgeous, it's a place where you can really connect with the great outdoors and nature. But before you accuse us of coming across all flower power, hear us out. Hiking, rambling, mountaineering, kayaking and loads of other outdoor pursuits are just ready to be tackled; but first you're going to have to be dressed properly.

So why army surplus? Why not just go out and get some specialised gear? Well, yeah, you could do that but consider this: members of the armed forces have to put up with a lot of less than pleasant climates and conditions. As such, they've got to be kitted out properly. So you know with old military gear it's going to be a) practical and b) more rugged than a warehouse full of rugs.

We all know the unpredictability of British weather. One moment the Ssun will have finally peaked from behind the clouds and next it's raining so much that fields aren't so much green spaces but oceans of mud. It's all very well and good for Glastonbury, but not when you fancy a spot of hiking. Items of military surplus laugh all of this off.

Considering they were meant to be worn in the most trying of conditions, you can be assured that old army kit will keep you warm and dry whatever the UK can throw at you. There's no need to get down on your knees and curse the name Michael Fish ever again as you'll be prepared for any wayward weather.

It doesn't really matter what you're planning to do either. A military-grade waterproof jacket will be more than capable of keeping out any windchill or spots of rain if you were to be scaling the side of Snowdon or river-rafting in the rapids up north.

You've Tamed The Weather - Now Get Practical

We've chatted about how you can keep the weather out but how are you gonna be handling all your compasses, satellite phones and other necessary bits of kit? Simple; this clothing was designed to be able to carry anything a soldier needs while on ops. You'll be so replete with pockets that you may find yourself buying more and more gizmos just to simply fill them up.

While you may have a load of pockets, there's no point emptying them just to purchase the appropriate kit for your next outdoor adventure. Army surplus is surplus for a reason. It's mass produced so you'll be saving a wad of your hard earned dosh. Cheap doesn't mean poor quality either. It's military grade after all!

Tackle The Great Outdoors With Genuine Army Surplus From Rokit

If you're a ramblin' man who feels at home in the rugged beauty of Britain's natural wonders, make sure you visit Rokit today. Our collection of military surplus is 100% authentic and sourced from armed forces around the globe. Drop in store or visit us online to see the whole collection to get stocked up.

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