Top 5 Layering Essentials

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It's all about layering at this time of year! No one should have to suffer in this extreme weather…and neither should your style. You don't have to think too much about wearing frumpy layers of clothing just to stay warm because we were nice enough to pick out some great winter essentials! We've got five essential wardrobe staples that you need to start piling on those layers;

1. Black Pants
A wardrobe staple whatever the climate - the possibilities are endless with a black of black slim fitting pants. Not only do they provide a blank canvas for whatever manner of haphazard layering you like to throw on the top, but they can be worn with skirts and dresses over the top (women only - unless that's your thing guys) and the bottoms can also be rolled up to reveal double layered socks are perhaps some colour pop socks.

2.Chunky Knit
This essential item is one everyone should have in their wardrobe and if not? Then you're mad. It's such a great source of comfort and style for the coldest of weathers. There are too many ways one can style the Chunky knit; over a shirt, under a cardi, under a vest, over another chunky knit - the possibilities are endless!

3. Longline Top
A necessity for any successful layering look is a longline top. Whether it's a shirt, basketball vest or plain white tee, it creates a subtle layer at your hipline for you to build your top look with. Go for contrast tones/prints to emphasise this layering staple, or blend for something which is more subtle.

4.Wool Scarf
Nana used to say that a warm scarf would see you through winter - and she wasn't half wrong! Multiple layers are all well and good but a warm neck will see you through the most freezing conditions. We recommend a black wool one so it can go with any/all the layers you choose to style it with.

5. Oversized Coat
On top of all those layers, you need something which is going to give you basic protection from the most brutal of elements and an oversized coat, whatever your style, age, size or gender is a great solution to this look.

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