Happy Birthday Bolan

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Get the Look: Velvet trousers teamed with a sequin jacket, long scarf, top hat & platforms.

Chase away the Monday blues and celebrate Marc Bolan's birthday by adding a healthy dose of sequins to your look today. Don't do sequins? Well, you can choose from a long list of tasty textures including velvet, lurex, satin, leopard print, feathers or glam rock glitter. Wearing any one of these disco fever fabrics on a Monday is sure to slap a smile across your chops along with our fave Bolan fact...

The previously clean-living Marc Bolan was introduced to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle when his Tyrannosaurus Rex band mate, Steve Took, spiked his tea with LSD. Marc's girlfriend had to drive them around Hampstead Heath for hours while Marc tried to eat his own hand until the affects wore off.

We love you Marc!