Get The Look: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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The Banks family we all know and love.
Hilary's fierce style featuring colour block suits, hats & spike heels.
Do the carlton look with preppy pastels and matching accessories.
Ashley's sassy urban look is all knee socks and beanie hats. Love!
Emrace Will's look with a snap back cap and jazzy patterns.

This week at Rokit we're paying homage to our fave 90s cult tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! After a hard day at school or college who could resist indulging in an episode before tea time, everyone at Rokit HQ definitely did!


A total daddy's girl, Hilary took complete advantage of her father's pay package, splashing out on designer clothes, bags and shoes. Wearing boxy cropped jackets with matching skirts, or classic LBDs she was always dressed to kill. Her style might not be to everyone's taste but she sure always looked fierce and you can't help but envy her impressive hat collection!


Oh Carlton, the ultimate preppy dresser, we think he probably has more pastels in one outfit than we have in our whole wardrobes! The classic over-the-shoulder sweater was a staple look, as well as bow ties and on occasion he was known to wear a paperboy hat, maybe trying to rival Will's cap wearing.


Ashley Banks might not have been an immediate choice for style inspo in her early Fresh Prince years, but as the series went on she developed a whole style of her own (except for that one episode when Hilary dressed her up but we don't talk about that incident!). A true 90s teenage tomboy she lived in cropped tees, beanie hats and knee-high socks.


It's everybody's favourite cheeky chappy Will Smith! Throughout the Fresh Prince series Will had an undeniably distinctive look, featuring oversized teesand the always backwards cap in bright crayola colours. Of course his out of this world sneaker stylesare the pièce de résistance in his wardrobe.