Get The Look: Spots 'n Stripes

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Mick & Bianca rocking the polka dot look.
Get the look: rock'n'roll polka dots.
An effortlessly chic way to wear stripes.
Get the look: stripes look perfect with pleated skirts and boyfriend jeans.

We found two of our favourite couples in music and film wearing polka dots and stripes in a rather dashing co-ordinating fashion. Here's how to rock a polka dot the 70s rock'n'roll way and an effortlessly chic way to wear stripes -

The exotic beauty Bianca, close friend to Andy Warhol & glittering patron of Studio 54, met Mick after a Rolling Stones gig in France in 1970. They were married for less than a decade but during this time they jet setted their way around the world wearing the most exquisite outfits. We mostly associate the style of Bianca Jagger with sharp tailored suits and gigantic glamorous furs but I love her in this Marilyn style polka dot halterneck dress which cheekily matches Mick's polka dot sweater.

If you want a quick lesson in how to achieve timeless and effortless style then seek out a copy of the 1960 film Breathless directed by Jean Luc-Goddard. It's one of the earliest and most influential of the French New Wave films. After watching actress Jean Seberg skip about the streets of Paris you'll want to immediately add a stripy breton to your wardrobe and if you already have one then you'll want to team it with a pleated mini or a pair of boyfriend jeans. Guys, this is how you wear a hat, whether it's a fedora or a flat cap, Jean-Paul Belmondo carries them off with an effortless style.