Fashion of the 90s

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What do you think of when you think of the 90s? Britpop or Grunge? The Spice Girls and Girl Power? Maybe you think of Tony Blair, New Labour and the social changes that ripped through Britain? But what about the clothes! Fashion went through many twists and turns during the decade. We love the sheer versatility of 90s clothes at Rokit, so here's a handy guide so you can get to know the decade better (or to jog your memory if you were 'lucky' enough to experience mood rings and hair mascara the first time round...)

90s Clothes And Fashion Trends

The OTT aesthetic of the 80s was still going strong as the 90s were ushered in. Bright checks, bodycon skirts and dresses, oversize jackets, metallics, pastels, baroque and chain patterns and lashings of leopard print are all 90s style staples. Think Cher from Clueless in her precious Alaia or the new breed of supermodels strutting their stuff on the Moschino or Versace catwalks. For guys Fresh Prince of Bel Air style patterned shirts and geometric knits or (brace yourselves) the humble shell suit in neon colours were the name of the game.

All that changed with the release of Nirvana's Nevermind at the tail end of 1991. Thanks to this era-defining album, fashion changed. Second hand stores and thrift shops couldn't keep flannel shirts on their clothes racks and rails, and beat-up Levi's 501s were Rokit's best seller throughout the decade. Doc Martens, frayed denim, and a general lackadaisical aesthetic permeated the fashion world with the advent of grunge.

As in previous decades, the 90s continued to see the worlds of fashion and music collide, not only with grunge and pop but also with hip hop. Fans of the scene decked themselves out in oversize sweatshirts, baggy jeans, Nike Air Jordan trainers and branded sportswear and the look became exceedingly popular during the 90s thanks to the influence of the West and East Coast rap scenes. Sportswear - blended with mod touches like the fishtail parka or a dapper suit - also formed a key part of the Britpop aesthetic on this side of the pond, with tracksuit tops, plimsolls and windbreakers by the likes of Adidas, Converse and Reebok flying off the rails.

Of course, while the 90s may have been a laid back decade for most of the world, it wasn't just about keeping things casual. A whole host of designers, most notably Armani and Calvin Klein, spearheaded a new pared-back, minimalist and smart look, with long line blazers, tailored pants and muted shades in camel, grey and pastels.

Plenty of American designers rose to prominence during this decade too, pioneering a new version of preppy style, influenced by 50s and 60s varsity wear. What collection of 90s clothes would be complete without a knitted collegiate sweater, polo shirt or pair of loafers by Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger?

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