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Seeing as you'll be wearing it for about half the year, you'll want to get your winter coat choice right, right?! Follow our definitive guide and find your dream companion for cold weather…


Our definitive guide would be nothing without the pea coat! Thought to have originated in the Netherlands - having the worlds largest and most powerful navy and all - the 'pea' in pea coat comes from pije, a coarse woollen material knocking about in the 1600s, used to construct it. The pea coat's been doing the rounds for a while and has been adapted from its navy origins into a coat that basically defined the 60s! The genuine pea coat has wide lapels - otherwise known as a convertible collar - that can be up-turned to shield from the cold, is flared at the bottom for flexibility and is double breasted to avoid heat loss (the buttons are ALWAYS embossed with fouled anchors if it's a genuine pea)!!

If you're hankering after this timeless classic, get your genuine pea now!




What do Jimmy Cooper and the common Eskimo have in common? (This isn't a dodgy cracker joke by the way) Any ideas… No?! They're both parka pioneers in their own right. That one stumped ya didn't it! Championed for its cheapness, practical length - to protect suits when riding - and wide availability at Army surplus stores, the Parka was claimed as the Mod's weapon of choice. Meanwhile donkeys years ago (about a hundred) the Inuit's were wearing parka's whilst they were knocking about in the Arctic (made of seal skin, mind, not your standard khaki Quadrophenia affair).

It might be remembered as the Mancunian armour of Britpop nuts everywhere, but way before the Gallagher's trademarked the parka it was the Mods, and before them it was the Inuit's… who knew?! The versatility of the parka has been its saving grace; simplicity is as simplicity does and the mod-est simplicity of the parker has served the masses faithfully over the years! Shop suave for one of our tasty parkas today (well, if they're good enough for our kid)!!!



Time to confess!! Hands up if you've more than once fantasized about being Holly Golightly in that last scene in Breakfast at Tiff's when she and Fred are traipsing around soggy New York, find cat and have the perfect Hollywood kiss down the alley in classic trench coat garb?! (Come on, haven't we all?!)

The trench coat is an institution in its own right but for a good 150 years there's been a grisly spat going over who actually invented it. Who's that fussed anyway?! We're lovers not fighters - whether it's a Burberry or an Aquascutum the trench is your ultimate go to on a rainy day!




Since its conception in the early twentieth century, the denim jacket has cropped up across a variety of eras in fashion, from being the jacket of choice for James Dean and Elvis Presley, the go-to for drop out hippies in the 60s and ripped up by the punk scene in the 70s, the simple design hasn't half come a long way!! Donning a history of an outerwear garment intended to pair with work trousers the denim jacket now finds itself as a fashion staple. Most famously the product of Levi Strauss, the denim jacket has limitless amounts of authentic style, and with the 70s trends coming back around, what better way to embody the era in a casual and timeless way!


Ah the suit jacket. A design that has not faltered under the pressure of modern day fast-fashion. The classic cut and often simple design features button front fastening and pockets. Brands such as Burberry, Hilfiger and Armani are only some of the big names who produced these jackets back in the 60s, 80s and continue to do so. They say a well-fitted suit jacket never goes out of style and if you fancy yourself as a Bond or are just looking to spruce up a pair of suit trousers, a vintage find is your best bet.


The Baracuta G9; a British classic; the adoptive uniform of mods and rockers and all that came in between since basically forever (well 1937 actually) has become a bit of a legend in its own right. If you have absolutely no clue what we're referring to let us enlighten you… that old faithful you have hanging up in your wardrobe that you so lovingly refer to as your Harrington was in fact once upon a time lovingly marketed as a Baracuta G9.

In 1964, primetime soap Peyton Place graced the screens of American homes everywhere and starred a teeny-tiny Mia Farrow irresistible to the charms of dapper Ryan O'Neal as… wait for it! Paul Harrington, who loved a Baracuta… the nickname stuck and bob's your uncle the Harrington went down in history! Since then the likes of Elvis, James Dean and Alex Turner have all donned the Harrington and if that lot aren't endorsement enough to get your mitts on one then we don't know what is…

Harrington haters are in short supply over at Rokit, we bloody love 'em! If you want to join the Baracuta brigade shimmy over to our site where you'll find mod must haves at prices you can't knock.