Check Mate: Vintage Lumberjack Shirts

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The lumberjack of Monty Python sketch fame may profess a love of ladies underwear (hey, whatever floats your boat) but we all know the real style superstar in any rugged logger's wardrobe has got to be the humble flannel shirt! As the temperatures dip, it's worth taking a style tip from those who spend their working life outdoors - they know cosy when they find it, which is why the plaid shirt has become the lumberjack's unofficial uniform over the years. And the best place to find your new check mate? Among Rokit's collection of vintage shirts, natch!

Choppin' Wood & Lookin' Good In Vintage Plaid Shirts

Check shirts have become stratospherically popular in recent times - if you haven't got one in your wardrobe already, where have you been - living in a remote forest with no one but loggers for fashion guidance?! Oh, wait...
But don't let a high street awash with identikit flannel numbers lessen their appeal - remember the old adage: vintage equals unique! If you're feeling classic, a vintage shirt with jeans, an oversized knit and heavy boots has grunge appeal, or team with a studded biker and ripped black skinnies for a more punk take.
Want to push some style boundaries? Try layering a couple of vintage flannel shirts in different check patterns - wear one buttoned up and another tied around your waist, balanced with hard wearing heritage fabrics like leather, suede or denim. Or how about tearing a leaf out of Ovadia & Sons AW14 catwalk offering and incorporating your vintage shirt into a smarter outfit? Try a tweed or wool suit with an open check shirt to add a pop of colour and a laid back feel, or layer one under a plain jumper and check suit for full-on geometric appeal.

Vintage Flannel Shirts: What To Look Out For

When buying your plaid shirt, it's worth remembering that not all vintage shirts are created equal. If you're after quality, then wool is the name of the game. We've pure virgin wool shirts galore from heritage brands like Pendleton and Woolrich whose family run woollen mills have been producing garments and blankets for over a hundred years.
After a bargain? Laundry skills leave something to be desired? Before you compile a wardrobe full of clothes that require sending back to your mum for washing (seriously, she has better things to do) why not check out our range of synthetic mix shirts, that you can just chuck in the machine? Less of the itch-factor there, too!

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