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The Look- Highland Grunge.
A Tartan layered grunge outfit.
Monochrone plaid with a splash of red.
Clockwise from top left: Happy Because, KTZ AW12, Mark Fast AW12, Kristen & Naomi shot by Steven Meisel for US Vogue 1992, Calur Villade.
Clockwise from top: KTZ AW12, Boy George, Kurt, Toni from Fashitects (picture: Street Style London).
A selection of tough vintage leather jackets.
An array of plaid pieces- perfect for layering.
90's textured tops are making a strong comeback this season.
A selection of different hued plaid bomber jackets.
Different plaid garments- clash patterns for an extreme effect.
A selection of grungey jumpers and knits.


More than a highland fling, Rokit has a lifelong love affair with tartan and it seems we're not alone with our new HIGHLAND GRUNGE collection. AW12's catwalks were awash with plaid from Corrie Nielsen's Scottish Widows in their ceilidh-worthy ballgowns to KTZ's more urban take on the pattern, which saw it combined with glyphic prints and bag-lady layers to suitably grunge effect.

Away from the runway, two of our favourite bloggers - Paolina of Calur Villade aka "Holy-shit-she's-only-16?! Girl-gonna-go-far!" and Frances of Happy Because - are killing it in their band tee + flannel shirt as a skirt and 90s jumper + tartan maxi combos respectively. Extra points to Paolina for the unexpected addition of a floral headdress which makes us want to weep tears of sartorial joy...

KTZ's androgyny also saw tartan layering working for the boys (especially teamed with badman style puffa jackets to fash-chav effect) and out on the street we've yet more examples of shirts flying south for winter - what are they, geese? - with Fashitects' Toni wearing a classic check number as a pair of trousers. Guys who are less slim of ankle, fear not, a slouchy trouser and tartan shirt combo a la Boy George or grunge pinup boy Kurt Cobain will do just fine.

Add a touch of black leather, whether it's an oversized biker jacket or Tank Girl style stomping boots...

Long, layered, and clashing prints are the key to this look. Traditional mid length kilts can be worn unbuttoned at the side to reveal fine knit leggings or a pair of tartan trews. If kilts aren't your bag (or sporran) then a grungey plaid mini dress can be worn with a flannel shirt tied at the waist...or the shirt itself can be worn buttoned at the front with the sleeves tied around the waist like a skirt. The possibilities are endless!

With all those layers going on, you can get away with a little trashy style up top to balance the volume. Think lace, rib knit, cropped tees and jumpers, or the 90s throwback that is the bubble top (last seen on Norwich market circa 1996 nestled snugly betwixt the hooky Spice Girls t-shirts: true story).

Summer's scarf print bombers give way to something a little less brash for autumn/winter: it's all about a checked harrington or plain quilted bomber jacket which can be worn layered over knitwear, band tees and shirts allowing you to dispense with a coat...

Boys don't cry but nor should they be afraid of skirts! All those layers of tartan are totally androgynous so for those who dare, a kilt teamed with some long johns is the way (fashion)forward. If you're not a fan of Braveheart then tartan shorts worn over thermals or a pair of artfully cuffed tartan trousers should do the trick, teamed with the obligatory flannel shirt worn tied round the waist.

In a rare moment of style meeting practicality, another key piece for this look is a chunky knit... oversized and slightly shapeless is the idea, whether it's striped like Kurt or rib knit like, errr... a fisherman?

More AW12 collections are launching over the next few weeks so keep your eyes on the prize if you're wondering what the hell to expect from Moscow's Widow or 90's Mash-Up (which has nothing to do with getting e'd up at a rave and repeatedly stroking someone's Gwen Stefani-alike topknots "because they just feel so bumpy!" (not a true story).)