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The Look- 90's Mashup.
90's pair rocking contrast texture jackets.
Match your jacket with 90's plastic watches.
Toughen up striped trousers with a bomber jacket.
Get crazy with animal prints and fur.
90's colours- the brighter the better.
Inspiration Board Girls.
Inspiration Board Boys.

Cast your mind back to the 90s: Clarissa was busy explaining it all, Alisha was busy ruling the world, curtains weren't just for windows, and everyone was actually still looking forward to partying like it's 1999, except for those Y2K doomsayers.

For AW12 we wanted to evoke a little of this (some would say misplaced) nostalgia, with inspiration taken from Jeremy Scott and Meadham Kirchhoff's technicolour catwalk offerings as well as some of our favourite bloggers, randoms on the street and of course our fabulously well-dressed customers!


From fluffy faux furs in acid brights to Lady Miss Kier's op art ensembles, Gwen Stefani's bindis and Bjork's batshit crazy everything, this look is all about fun! Anything goes as long as it's carried off with tongue firmly in cheek and cuddly toy backpack firmly in hand...

We love Jeremy Scott's ode to the era of dial up internet and doing the Bartman, with clashing print and colour and cartoon logos, while on the street the fashion chav reigns supreme with branded sportswear and unusual layering...